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Hall Towing has industry standard equipment to transfer your loads from barge to truck.  Dedicated cranes each work with bulk barge freight and oversize barge freight.  One of the largest indoor storage and transfer facilities in the Midwest is ready to efficiently transfer your bulk freight to truck. Our special oversize freight dock allows quick transfer to truck from barge and anywhere in the US.


A 55-ton Link Belt 118 crane is ready for your bulk transfer needs. Stationed off the cell dock, the crane has open access to barges moored on the river. Various capacity buckets are utilized to the particular cargo being unloaded: 3, 4, 5 or 6 cubic yard.  Average transfer rates are 200 tons/hour off the cell dock. Hall Towing's hopper takes the cargo from the crane bucket to a overhead belt system, delivering the cargo to any one of 20 separate 750 ton bins in the storage facility. Direct transfers to truck are also available. Experienced operators are ready to unload and reload your product safely and efficiently.  Hall Towing is also a Dangerous Cargo Certified facility with the U.S. Coast Guard.

A 150-ton Link Belt 238 handles oversize and regular freight transfers from barge to truck. Materials, industrial equipment, or any type of cargo that can be picked out of a barge can be handled.  
A special freight dock and expansive loading/unloading yard gives extreme flexibility for trucks to setup for the best loading or unloading position. Located minutes from US 61, a four-lane divided highway, oversize loads can travel anywhere from Hall Towing.

The largest multi-cell, covered storage facility on the Upper Mississippi is operated by Hall Towing. 
Featuring 20 cells with individual cell capacity of 750 tons, Hall Towing can store up to 15,000 tons or 10 barges worth of bulk cargo in its facility. Cargo transfers are handled by two load out stations, with over 70 trucks per day loading capacity. An expansive laydown yard is also available for large construction projects requiring material and equipment storage and loading.

Hall Towing owns and operates a 50,000 sq ft, sprinklered, food grade warehouse on the main site. Dual loading docks make it ideal for a variety of applications. Call for availability.



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